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Experience Prophecy is an online company of prophets that is operated under the leadership of Zoe Ministries. Online personal prophecy readings are provided by Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan and others that have received training through the school of prophets. When visitors come to Experience Prophecy, they will be able to get spiritual readings for free, view prophecy news update information, and receive the prophetic direction that they are seeking in their lives.

The Most Trusted Name in Prophecy

Master Prophet Bishop Jordan is one of the most trusted names in prophecy. As god’s prophet, his main mission is to provide a detailed free word of prophecy to every person that needs spiritual guidance and support in their lives. Destiny is not a chance thing in life. Your life is about the choices that you personally make. Bishop Jordan will give the free personal prophecy that people need to learn their purpose in life. His free online Christian prophecy will give people the empowerment that they need to make better choices to avoid life’s obstacles.

What Makes Bishop Jordan a Master Prophet?

  • He has 30 years of experience in giving the word of god through prophecy readings.
  • He has given prophecies to renowned figures such as kings, queens, celebrities, governmental figures, and other notable people throughout the world.
  • His accuracy is undeniably astonishing, as he is right in his readings most of the time.
  • His Book “The Written Judgments” is proof that he has accurately predicted major world events.
  • He accurately predicted the chicken flu epidemic, 9-11, and Hurricane Katrina before the events took place.

Get a Free Prophecy Online Today!

Many people spend hundreds and thousands of dollars each year on psychics and tarot card readers that don’t provide the fulfillment that they need in their lives. Contact Experience Prophecy today to request a personal prophecy report from Master prophet E. Bernard Jordan.

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