About Bishop Jordan

Learning More about Master Prophet Bishop Jordan

Experience Prophecy is an online spiritual site that provides visitors with information about Bernard Jordan Ministries and the power of prophecy. There is so much about Bishop Jordan that makes him special to everyone that he meets around the world. Since Prophet Jordan established Zoe Ministries in the early 1980’s, he has impacted the world with his gospel teachings and free prophecies. Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan has touched thousands of people including celebrities, royalty, and other notable people. His goal was to break down traditionalism, while ending the lies that are leading churches into captivity, and bringing the word of god according to the bible.

The Founding of the School of Prophets

Master Prophet Bernard Jordan founded the school of prophets in the mid 1980’s. The school was created with the concept of teaching those who have a calling in life to work in prophetic ministries. Bishop Jordan personally trained many of the prophets at the school, and he has worked diligently to make the school a success. Bishop Jordan Prophecies are widely known around the world, due to his ability to accurately see things that others cannot. When people request a Bishop Jordan prophecy, they will learn about biblical principles, ethics, and personal information about their lives to grow successfully in both their daily and spiritual lives. Master Prophet Jordan gives life changing messages that have sparked both cheer and great controversy. Prophet E Bernard Jordan is so popular for his accurate readings that he has been on many national and local telecasts. His powerful speeches give people the encouragement that they need to get in touch with their personal spirituality.

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Contact us today to request a Bernard Jordan Prophecy, or to get assistance with any general inquiries that you may have. Prophet Bernard Jordan remains one of the most notable prophets in the world, and he will give the guidance and direction that you are seeking in life.

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